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New pictures indicative publication of the F-16 not only for fanatik model's cutter.

Viper's Anatomy

Peter 'DeSnek' Pastera


Thanks to chance by colleague "Lavi" interest, I have got into my hands publication F-16 Fighting Falcon by the Greek publisher Eagle Aviation. Its subtitle is "The Viper under the skin".

The content

Yes, as the name suggests, and especially the country writers in the publication can be found 100 numbered pages overcrowded photos surface, cabins, and details normally hidden places under revision caps. Everything on high-quality glossy paper and the quality of photos bordering on artistic photography.

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The book is designed to be the modelers’ best guide for the F-16 with a lot of panoramic and close up photos that reveal interesting and less photographed angles of the jet. Additional photos regarding F-16’s CFTs as well as ordnance in service with many Air Forces around the world such as AIM-120C, AIM-9M, AIM-2000 IRIS-T, GBU-24/10, AGM-88 as well as AGM-154C JSOW can also be found in this photo manual.

The book is by no means an exhaustive F-16 variant guide. It is rather a superb reference photo manual including block 30, 50, 52 as well as 52M examples in service with the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force. However, as these versions / blocks are in use with a large number of Air Forces globally it can act as a unique reference book for every modeler (and not only!) wishing to build a truly detailed and accurate F-16 in scale.

Brief captions instead of long text boxes are located in selected parts of the book in an attempt to maximize the available space and include as many photos as possible.


The subtitle does not lie. Indeed the publication you to hand anatomy of "Viper". What does it matter that one of the Greek machine, the authors have won and the specifications of a block of "Viper's" image spans from block 30 till to block 52nd.

At more than 400 high-quality photos you can find the details of the details of the cockpit, ejection seats, wheel wells, closed and open inspection covers, till to the engine compartment and its own engine, or "fast-packs". Especially as a modeler appreciate very strict labeling from which the block originates picture.

If someone wants to do more than the standard kit, this publication will certainly be more than useful.

Peter 'DeSnek' Pastera

Thank to colleague "Lavi" for the opportunity to explore this publication. I also thank the publishers Eagle Aviation that after buying the publication on eBay, wondering about my feelings and invoke me to share it with you. Believe me, if you are fan to 'Viper's" then this publication should not be missing in your library!

Note: The photos were took random from publication and with a desire to violate (c) the authors, but believe me that you get top quality for your money!

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