News of Arma Hobby and Attack Squadron for March 2015

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Arma Hobby has released today series of new products, 1/48 scale aircraft resin models from Arma Hobby and 1/72 and 1/48 scale resin accessories from Attack Squadron. All are available now in internet shop Arma Hobby.

News of Arma Hobby for March 2015

1/48 scale PZL P.6 and P.7 resin kits from Arma Hobby

PZL P.6 and PZL P.7 are first radial engine prototypes of famous Pulawski Wing (Gull Wing) fighters from PZL. The difference was only in engine – P.7 has supercharger and different engine covers.


P.6 was acclaimed best fighter airplane of 1930 in Le Bourget Paris Air Show and then in National Air Race in Cleveland in 1931. P.7 has finally entered production because of better high altitude performance. With some minor changes it was produced as PZL P.7a. It was first mass produced operational all metal monoplane fighter with semi-monocoque construction. It was a great achievement of PZL, especially in early thirties, where most of operational fighter aircraft were metal and wood construction fabric covered biplanes like I-153, CR-42, Gladiator or Avia B534 in 1939.


Both PZL kits have resin parts thet were designed and printed 3D, vacu winscreen and photoetched parts. P.6 has full detailed engine while P.7 engine is covered by fairings and casted as one piece. Also P.6 has more markings options and two different tail planes. Detailed instruction of assembly covers all airframe variants and markings options.

PZL P.6 and P.7 are also offered in some special price packs. They are available on product pages.

News of Attack Squadron for March 2015

Attack Squadron continues series of resin accessories:

  • F-16 wheel bays for Tamiya 1/72. Resin parts fits perfectly model parts.
  • F4F-3 Wildcat/Martlet III 1/72 correct wings (completely different panel lines than F4F-4). It is designed for Hesegawa, but may match other kits with some adjustments.
  • C-130J Hercules 1/48 corrected engines for Italeri. They also fit well kit parts very well. Set solves main 1/48 Italeri kit drawback - to "short" engines.

All are available now in internet shop Arma Hobby.

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